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Quality and Engineering


Chrome Lab TestIndustrial Hard Chrome plating is not always a simple process. A large amount of current needs to be applied to a product for the plating process to occur. Directing that current and chrome to the right places and in the correct amounts takes talent, experience, and a lot of know-how. That is the heart and soul of our operation. Our proprietary tooling and the quality control of the plating baths provides a level of consistency and uniform coating that is unsurpassed.

Chromium, by its very nature, is fairly easy to apply consistently in large open areas, but it's on the edges, corners, and in the tight spaces that our tooling design literally "shines". Old-fashioned plating processes often rely on grinding and polishing rough edges after the fact. This can lead to thinly plated areas that are trouble spots waiting to happen.

Our approach is pro-active: why not put the chrome where it belongs in the first place? Indianhead Plating's expert staff has developed a superior tooling design protocol. This ensures the consistency and quality of the chrome plating, while reducing or eliminating the need for much of the extra work in removing unwanted chrome after the plating process.

CAD TestingWe work with our customers throughout the design process to creatively and efficiently keep costs down. Our staff combines their many years of chrome plating experience with the latest in CAD/CAM design software and machining technology to create custom tooling solutions to meet our customer's needs.


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