Roll Services/Cylindrical Grinding

INDIANHEAD PLATING IS A FULL-SERVICE ROLL SHOP: We are capable of finishing all new rolls and reworking rolls to as new condition without you having to do a thing to them. We can strip old chrome, pre and post plate grind, weld up shell or base metal defects, chrome and grind journals, provide you with any type of finish you require and do all of your Internal Roll Cleaning with before and after flow testing. We currently process shingle rolls, corrugated cardboard rolls, chill rolls, embossing rolls, engraving rolls, calendar rolls, paper and steel rolls to name a few. If you have any new or rework rolls that need chrome Indianhead Plating can give you just what you need. Our Full-Service grind shop is also available if grinding is your only need, operating 24/7 our turn around time is second to none.
Finishing Capacity

Our roll finishing capacity can handle rolls as large as 36" in diameter and 24' in length up to 10,000 lbs, with the ability to crown rolls up to 24" in diameter and 12' long.

Cylindrical grinders and capacities

  • Landis-12"x48"
  • Landis-14"x72"
  • Landis-20"x96"
  • Norton-24"x 192"
  • Norton-30"x 144"
  • Cincinnati-16"x144"
  • Cincinnati-24"x162"
  • Cincinnati-36"x288"

  • Poreba-42"x19'
  • Poreba-53"x23'
  • American Pacemaker-32"x20'
  • Leblond-32"x16'
  • Leblond-36"x16'
  • Standard Process-25"x16'
Roll Finishes

From a Course Matte to an Optical Mirror-we can provide any finish you require. We have several large finishing lathes in-house that are equipped with a variety of different finishing heads. Our dedicated finishing machines allow us to produce any type of controlled matte finish, commercial mirror, optical mirror and mirror pocket finishes. We are experts in roll finishing, and we'll help you develop the optimum finish for every application.
Internal Roll Cleaning (IRC)

Issues with roll overheating or coolant flow? Let us help! Our internal roll cleaning will help improve the heat removal properties of your chill rolls. We perform flow checks before and after cleaning and provide flow reports for you to help identify potential runnability issues. Our IRC process will remove scale and rust build up on the internals of the roll allowing them to run cleaner and improve their heat transfer performance.
Tolerances and Inspection Reports

All parts are finished to the tightest possible tolerances. Inspection reports are provided with every part processed which includes surface finish graphs, chrome thickness readings, Pro-Mic roll profile graphs, TIR/Taper reports and all the finished dimensions.
Problems with product runnability?

We have the expertise and knowledge to help resolve roll related runnability. From issues with release, product flow, drag, cooling issues, poor sheet pattern, etc. - Indianhead Plating can help. Many of these problems are caused by finish design and wear issues, cooling, heating or plating issues on your rolls. With over 30 years of experience in finish design and application, we have the knowledge to help improve runnability, increase productivity, decrease downtime and simply make your product run better.

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