Industrial hard chrome plating is not always a simple process. A large amount of electrical current needs to be applied to the part for the plating process to occur. Directing that current and chrome to the right places and in the correct amounts takes talent, experience and a lot of know-how. That is the heart and soul of our operations. Our proprietary tooling designs, our quality control of the plating baths and our dedicated employees provide a level of consistency and uniform coating that is unsurpassed.

Inspection equipment: We use all modern, state of the art, gauging equipment throughout the plant. We have numerous profilometers capable of printing the profiles of surface finishes, Pro-Mics that provide graphs and profiles of finish ground rolls, air gauging for cylinders, snap gauges and masters in all sizes, numerous micrometers in all sizes, bore micrometers, several different scopes and much more.

Plating Bath Chemistry: We analyze our bath chemistry daily to ensure that cleanliness and chemical balance is exactly where it need to be. In hard chrome plating it is essential to keep your baths clean and free of impurities such as copper, iron, and trivalent chromium. If the chemistry is high with any of these impurities the quality of plating is drastically affected and problems such as pitting, and porosity start to occur, and the hardness of the chrome is diminished. We are regularly cleaning our own baths in-house with our Eco Tech cleaning system, so we always have complete control of our chemistry. We are one of the few hard chrome companies that treats and cleans their own baths and it is imperative we do this in order to maintain the high level of plating quality for our customers.

Green Practices: We are very proud of the cleanliness of our facility. We invite any existing and new customers to our facility for a tour-we promise that it will be the cleanest, most organized, state of the art hard chrome plating facility you have ever seen!

We are proud of our air and water handling equipment to keep up with our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week work schedule. We have six large scrubbers for our 30 plating tanks that exhaust 120,000 cubic feet per minute of clean air. All of our scrubbers are equipped with HEPA filters giving us exhaust emission that are 10 times below the regulatory limit. Our wastewater treatment system uses a super-efficient batch capacity that ensures chemical level testing and quality assurance. Every drop of water in our plant travels to our 5000-gallon water treatment tanks where every batch is treated and tested before being released to our filter press.

As necessary as it is to meet the EPA guidelines for both water and air emissions, what matters most is the quality of life for our employees and our community. IPI is committed to preserving and maintaining the high quality of the environment and we go above and beyond what is required for both air and water testing.

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